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    i can’t believe i’ve neglected to put this up. the full version of andrew and me recording our intro for the "be our guest" YBDI promo.

    dudes. we’ll be back next month.

  2. Announcement

    Hello all you hap-cats and cool kids,

    We have a bit of sad news, mixed with some really good news, and sprinkled with jokes.

    There will NOT be new episodes of You Big Dumb Idiot for a few weeks. Our schedules are going to be pretty bonkers for the next couple of months, so we’re only recording sporadically until sometime in April.

    Lindsey has started rehearsals for a play at the Station Theater in Urbana called Vanya and Sonya and Masha and Spikewhich will run from March 27 - April 12th (GO SEE IT GO SEE IT GO SEE IT). AND she’s also filming a movie—The Thinking Molecules of Titan—over the next couple of weekends. 

    And Andrew has a full docket of eating pizza in his pajamas until 1am, then bemoaning his lack of sleep at work the next morning. SO WE BOTH HAVE A LOT GOING ON, OKAY? WE ARE EQUALLY BUSY.

    Our next episode is tentatively slated to air on March 10th

    We recommend re-listening to old episodes in the interim, to keep up your strength. Or, if you’re really starving for some comedy, Andrew will likely be drinking away his sorrows at Champaign-area bars with his newfound freedom; and that’s always good for a laugh.

    Feel free to tweet/email us re: your sadness. It’s always good to talk about your feelings.

    We love you all, Marta, and we look forward to invading your earholes once more in the very near future. In the meantime, just know that we are both pretending we have microphones in front of us 24/7, staying sharp, and making fart jokes.

    All our love,

    Lindsey and Andrew

  3. Handsomechinandpecs Fassbender, as featured in episode 25.

    Handsomechinandpecs Fassbender, as featured in episode 25.

  4. You Big Dumb Idiot 025: Babies/Gross Beautiful Female Body Things

    In Part II of our Miracle on Ice series, guestpert Angelina Davito returns to give us a clue on how she created and maintains an entire life separate from her own. Lindsey stands up for Apple Paltrow-Guy from Coldplay Martin and Andrew is basically giving birth all of the time. Feat. a round of People Baby-Zine.

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    Outtake from tomorrow’s BRAND NEW episode of YBDI: A glimpse inside the writers’ room, AKA where the magic happens, AKA the gibberish palace.

  6. from episode 25, re: eating enough protein while pregnant

    1. Andrew: You're just eating like, 70-80 chicken nuggets a day.
    2. Guestpert Angelina: I don't eat chicken.
    3. Andrew: ....................Not even chicken nuggets?
  7. You Big Dumb Idiot 024: Pregnancy/FYIUD

    Menstrual cycles, CONVERGE! This week, we slough around in the ute of former pregnant lady/current mother Angelina Davito and do our best to make the miracle of conception all about us. Feat. a trip into Lindsey’s genital foyer and a round of Fruiterus. 

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    Preview of tomorrow’s maternal episode of YBDI: Andrew explains the birds and the bees. Also known as the stork and the squid and the inkblot full of babies.

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    We’ve got a new episode cookin’ in our ute!

    We’ve got a new episode cookin’ in our ute!

  10. You Big Dumb Idiot 023: Opera/The Magic Poot

    This week, guestpert Brian Wilcoxon teaches us just how TOTALLY METAL OPERA IS. Floods and fire and castration, y’all. The 17th century was RAW. We also talk a lot about Oprah, obviously, because puns.

    Feat. a round of O Solo What the Hell that is entirely too difficult because it turns out there’s like, a lot of operas. 

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